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LONGCHAMP Leather handbag


Leather handbag

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LONGCHAMP Cloth backpack


Cloth backpack

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LONGCHAMP Leather mini bag


Leather mini bag

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LONGCHAMP Pliage  leather 24h bag
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LONGCHAMP Leather tote
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LONGCHAMP Pliage  tote
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The full story of a leading brand of French leather goods.

The brand Longchamp, famous for producing women's accessories, came into being in 1948, thanks to the boundless imagination of Jean Cassegrain. He was almost single-handedly responsible for making Longchamp one of the best-known brands in the world in the domain of luxury handbags. Amongst the emblematic designs, there were items of small leather goods, but also travel bags and bigger bags, which would meet with unprecedented levels of success. Longchamp did not rest on its laurels and diversified its offering by proposing pieces including gloves and scarves, perfect for finishing off an elegant feminine outfit.

Luxury craftsmanship embodied in a range of Longchamp bags.

Longchamp bags are the fruit of French luxury artisanal craftsmanship. The designs are so much more than simple accessories: they are handcrafted bags produced with an incredible eye for detail resulting in a piece which is timeless and truly unique. As for materials, there is a lot of leather, of course, but also other, more lightweight materials such as canvas, polyester and synthetics. Colours also vary enormously meaning they suit all sorts of women's outfits and styles. Finally, they come in a very wide range of formats. From the small day-to-day bag to much bigger designs for the weekend, the products will, with great simplicity, adapt to the lives and loves of women everywhere.

Muses anchored in today's fashion.

The label Longchamp enlists the services of celebrities to star in its adverts. Amongst these, globally-recognisable top models Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer have already lent their names to the brand and the bags. More recently, Kendall Jenner was chosen to target a whole new generation of customers. She also wealds a great deal of influence on social media, of course, which is definitely a bonus for the French brand.

Ideal for fans of the brand Longchamp, there is also a vintage collection from the brand available on the Vestiaire Collective online platform. For those who prefer not to deviate from the tried and tested, we would recommend the following designs:

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