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The Brilliance of Balenciaga

Renowned for its forward thinking approach to fashion. Now more than ever, Balenciaga is one of the most coveted and relevant names in the industry. And here’s why.

It was the most anticipated show of Fashion Week
Demna Gvasalia’s first collection for Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 2016 From left to right: Tailored volume, the structured parka, and floral patchwork dresses.

Since Demna Gvasalia’s appointment as artistic director in October 2015, and following his fearless debut A/W 16 show, a fierce anticipation once again surrounds the design house. The Georgian designer has brought back the core elements of Cristóbal Balenciaga’s tailored aesthetic whilst simultaneously appropriating it for a new era. Whilst the volumous skirts and angular blazers clearly echoed Cristóbal’s early architectural creations, it was the stirup legged trousers and structured oversized anoraks whose decidedly sporty feel highlighted Gvasalia’s ability to adapt the elegance of the Balenciaga aesthetic with his own modern day deconstruction.

It’s a symbol of modern innovation
From left to right: Photo by William Klein for British Vogue, April 1966. A tribute to Christôbel Balenciaga's work in the S/S 2008 show. The Balenciaga A/W 2006 show.

In the mid-twentieth century, Cristóbal Balenciaga was a key pioneer, accredited with introducing a new female silhouette that provided an alternative to the classic hourglass shape. He laid the tailored foundations for a more modern, architectural style, creating volumous shapes through specifically draped fabric.
His arechetypal designs included the high-waisted babydoll dress, the cocoon coat and the balloon skirt. Christian Dior described Balenciaga as ‘the master of us all’ whilst Coco Chanel regarded him as ‘a couturier in the truest sense of the word’. His groundbreaking contribution to fashion has been documented in the Game Changers - Reinventing the Silhouette of the 20th Century Exhibition, now showing in Momu, Antwerp.

It’s retained a global appeal
From it-girls to actresses, these are the ambassadors and famous fans of the brand From left to right: Kristen Stewart wearing a Balenciaga biker jacket in New York, 2012. DJ Clara 3000 walks in the A/W 2016 show. Catherine Deneuve carrying a Balenciaga First bag to the S/S 2008 Yves Saint Laurent show.

Behind the continuing success of Balenciaga lies a host of creators who have been able to mix deliberate design choices with a commerical desirability, in a single word: adaptable. When the then 25 year old Nicolas Ghesquière took over the reins in 1997, it was to rapturous praise that sparked an almost obsessive following throughout the 2000’s. Known for his use of contrast, he very quickly re-established Balenciaga as a critically aclaimed fashion house. He introduced one of the first it-bags, the Classic First a piece that is still in demand today and epitomizes the global reach of Balenciaga’s appeal. Although Alexander Wang’s loose, slouchy designs are widely acknowledged to have diluted the brand’s core aesthetic, to his credit Balenciaga’s turnover rose sharply during his 3 years.
In the same way that Cristóbal Balenciaga had the foresight to transform the dresses of the Spanish royal court into modern couture pieces, his successors have been able to create contemporary designs that have perpetuated and mainatined a universal regard. The brilliance of Balenciaga is a balance between structure and design, something very classic and yet entirely modern.

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syuzena May 10, 2016
´Danke für diese Artikel,ich freue mich über jeder Artikel in deutsche Sprache welche über Modewelt erzählt. Leider haben wir nicht vielen Modejournalisten , es wird kaum über die Modehäuser berichtet.Erich Maria Remarque has written about Cristóbal Balenciaga's dress in his famous book "Heaven has no favorites". Nicolas Ghesquière's Balenciaga was stunning, his creations were perfect for iconic Balenciaga House. Demna Gvasalia has sent on the runway the post-soviet era Looks, it will be interesting to see his Balenciaga menswear and of course, his Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2017 collection. There are many great Balenciaga items on VC, the fashion world loved and still loves iconic Balenciaga.
ordia April 9, 2016
Why don't you join us ?
ordia April 2, 2016
Balenciaga on aime , jupe "le dix " à voir
Ajda March 30, 2016
Love Balenciaga!
iuri March 28, 2016
Iconic Balenciaga!
Rosie March 27, 2016
Manca il mio spettacolare ed elegantissimo cappotto
Kim March 27, 2016
chiara March 27, 2016
Can't reallu understand why my Balenciaga Montgomery priced 350€ has not been included in this selection, while I can see many overproced stuff ?
a_guicci March 27, 2016
Please check my list for some stunning Balenciaga accessories:) thanks